Enrol in our fun School Holiday and After School Hours learning programs today in Brighton and Sandringham!

Your children will love the diversity and fun of the Sh@re Community Campus activities and courses!  Recognised as Melbourne’s largest and most successful out of hours children’s program, with over 9,000 attending Share programs each year.  We pride ourselves on having something on offer to suit children of all ages!









Sh@re is an initiative between Brighton Grammar School and Firbank Grammar School.

While all our programs are held at the beautiful grounds of the two Schools (in Brighton and Sandringham), please note, Sh@re is for everyone! We have children from more than 50 other schools enrol every year! 

So whether your child is into performing arts, sports or gaming, or if you are looking for a high quality holiday program to keep your little ones entertained and learning while you are work, Sh@re Community Campus is here for you.

Calendar of Events

Looking to grow and need a venue for a special event or ongoing business activities?

Our school facilities are available for buiness use at nominal fees as this is our way of giving back to the community. For more information please see the facility brochure attached or contact Sonia Wagner, swagner@brightongrammar.vic.edu.au