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Kumon Brighton Education Centre

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  • 4 years+
  • Program provided by Kumon Brighton Education Centre

Individualised self paced learning in Maths, English, Japanese or Kokugo, where personal tutors support students to help them solve problems on their own.

About this program

The Kumon method of learning is built on 4 principles:

  1. Individualised Instruction: children learn at their own pace and are encouraged to think of solutions themselves.
  2. Self-Learning: The program is not age or school level based, allowing students to experience the joy of learning.
  3. Small-Step Worksheets: At home study involves use of repetition based worksheets, encouraging children to look at hints and examples, and to progress from easy to more difficult problems themselves.
  4. Kumon Instructors: personal observations of each students ability, personality and how they approach problems are made and responded to by individual tutors in twice weekly classes.

By progressing at just the right pace with at home worksheets and in class assistance twice a week, children develop self-confidence and a love of learning which fosters success. This also helps with acquiring lifelong skills like focus, motivation and self-reliance, opening the door to endless personal and professional possibilities.

Kumon Brighton Education Centre

Kumon Brighton Education Centre


Michael Urwin Centre, Allee Street, BRIGHTON VIC 3186