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Microphone on the stage on violet background.

Sing Australia

Connecting Australians in singing, without judgement on how well that happens!

Arts, Personal

Stage School Australia

Dynamic and highly structured performing arts program including singing, dance, drama and performances.

Illustration of the thought processes in the brain
STEM, Arts, Educational, Gifted, General

Brainwaves Club for the Gifted

Mix with like minded gifted children in a variety of interest areas each fortnight: science, maths, language, technology, philosophy, creative arts and more.

School Holiday Programs Brighton

A volumetric vial filled with blue chemical means analyses, experimental and so many scientific topics !
STEM, Arts, Gifted, Educational

Gateways Festivals

A variety of workshop choices for children run concurrently over two days in late June (primary) and December (prep).

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July 2018