Share Community Campus brings the community together after school, sharing Brighton Grammar School facilities for the benefit of all.


Share Community Campus is an initiative, begun in 2001, to share the beautiful school grounds and facilities, at Brighton Grammar School, with the wider community.  Share does this by offering children’s program providers, and some adult program providers, access to the facilities after school, during the holidays or on weekends.

Share is for everyone! We have children from more than 50 other schools, and over 10,000 people (children and adults), enrol every year in programs run by various providers!  We think this is an ideal way in which the community can join together and in which the essence of the school, staff, families and facilities can be shared.

So whether your child is into performing arts, sports or gaming, or if you are looking for a high quality holiday program to keep your little ones entertained and learning while you are working, Share Community Campus is here for you.